Hello everyone!


Hi all! I’m Alley and here’s a couple things I want to share with you. I’m a teacher by day and calligrapher and owner of Alley & Co. by night and weekends.

My etsy shop will be featuring quotes/verses and other items that will debut in a few weeks so be on the look out for some goodies. Alley & Co. also offers wedding paper goods including envelope addressing, place cards, escort cards, wedding vows, quotes and signs. You’re more than welcome to contact me with any questions and ideas. I would love it if you can share with your friends and family!

To kickstart this blog launch, here’s a verse (available on my etsy) I brush lettered this morning to share with you why it’s important to me and hopefully it gives you a better idea of why I started this side business and maybe even encourage some of you. This verse helps me remember what is most important. Whatever I am at the moment (sister or girlfriend), whatever I’m doing (washing dishes, calligraphing or teaching sentence structure) and who I’m with (family or coworkers), I want to keep my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my primary affection. To love him, obey him and walk in his ways, and to serve him is my purpose. Whatever I say or do, I want to glorify God. And my hope is that through Alley & Co. (however it may look like) He is glorified.

Much love,

Alley, Calligrapher and Owner of Alley & Co.


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